Top 10 Steps To Become An Excellent Java Developer

b1_Top 10 Steps To Become An Excellent Java Developer

In order to stay alive in the competition among developers, there are a few set of skills that one should have. These special skills will help any developer to stand alone in any corporate environment.

Such ten skills are mentioned below:

  • Strong Foundation and understanding OO Principles:

We all know that Java is an Object-Oriented Programming Language. To learn Java, we need to have a strong foundation on OOPS. The person who’s OOPS is not clear, codes in a normal procedural way which will make his code less efficient. In order to code better in Java, one need to know the concepts of Object modeling, Inheritance, Polymorphism, Design Patterns, etc.

  • Master the core APIs:

If one doesn’t have the knowledge of Language Constructs and Core APIs than the theoretical knowledge that the developer possess doesn’t matter at all. In order to become a good Java developer, we should be familiar with core APIs of Java, like JDBC, Generic, Threads, etc.

  • Keep Coding:

Java is such a deep language that possession of just theoretical knowledge is not enough. More the hands-on experience we have on Java the better we code in future. Hence, a Java developer must never stop coding because it will reduce the ability to code.

  • Subscribe to Forums:

We will reach nowhere if we travel alone. Forums always help developer in his developments. Sometimes Forums are proven even better teachers than books and online tutorials. There are many people around the world developing Java applications for years. We can always contact them and get acknowledged with the best and latest information.

  • Follow Blogs and Respond:

There are a lot of developer around the globe providing information they have on their blogs regularly. It is not always that we learn from all blogs. Some blogs even contain wrong information which can easily mislead us. Hence, it is essential to follow good blogs and also respond to those blogs regularly.

  • Read Open source frameworks source code:

Java has got many default frameworks which we can directly use into our application. To become an excellent developer, it is imperative that we read and understand the frameworks source code. Reading Frameworks of good developers will lead us to become a good developer. We will learn many new things which we will find in Neither books nor forums.

  • Know the technology trends:

Technology trends are something that continuously changes concerning time regardless of the genre. Sometimes if we are unaware of the latest trends, we find difficulty in making our application. Sometimes we complicate things because of unawareness of latest technology trends.

  • Keep Commonly used code handy:

Java is the language which we can write once and use anywhere anytime. Saving the work done is one of the best habits of a developer. By saving work, we can reuse it in our further projects whenever we want which will save time.

  • Know different development methodologies:

A Java developer should always be familiar with the methodologies like Agile, XP, SCRUM, Waterfall, etc. We have to select the methodology in which our client is comfortable with.

  • Document your thoughts on technology:

To increase your importance online, a developer should periodically be posting some content on the blog or some website. This will keep you more alive among other developers, and knowledge sharing would increase.



Which Are Top 10 Developments In Offshore Java Application Development Company?

b1_Which Are Top 10 Developments In Offshore Java Application Development Company

The professional Java programmers have engaged the Java platform and developed a depot of Java best practices which involves the user bled, caching and resource management, performance tuning, troubleshooting, examining to increase speed for development and reach cost savings.

As an offshore Java application development company, here the following developments which provide best applications:

  • Java App Development:

In this, the technical skills it is involve Java application design, Java smart client, Java Standalone application development, JFC/ Swing development.

  • Custom Java Development:

The skillful and experienced consultants, business analysts, architects and developers involving certified professionals for altering Java development as per businesses’ requirements.

  • Java Web Development:

The full cycle of Java Application Development is sustenance and support, product development and whole management for sectors like healthcare, finance retail, and telecommunication and much more.

  • Java Product Development:

The full suite of Java development is made on the latest technology trends which involving the Groovy plugin, Grails framework, Spring, Struts, Bigdata, Hadoop, Hibernate, Liferay, and EJB with agile development techniques.

  • Enterprise Java Development:

The Pioneers in long term offshore Java Development the main benefit of client’s reliability, high capability, large-scale system development, and check-driven development to notify most cultivated business requirements.

  • Java CMS and Migration:

In this CMS development, it helps to clients in making of high-quality websites which can be developed at a quick pace. While migration of web platforms to latest Java Technology for involving security and speed of the cross platform development.

  • Construction Design and Analysis:

Analysis of system designs anterior to the development and supports a construction model based development approach.

  • Liberated Software Validation and Verification:

Software quality testing and user requirement checks are domes prior to making the product as per the required specification.

  • Java/ J2EE Development:

In Java development, it is giving capable, powerful, high-end and cost-effective Java application by using the advanced framework J2EE amazingly for different enterprises. The outsourcing company’s aim is that J2EE application development to be capable and easy to the agent. For this kind of situation, they select Java programming language to build J2EE application development projects.

  • J2ME Mobile Application Development:

J2ME is a Java 2 platform and it is a Micro Edition of Java ME. J2ME gives a flexible weather for mobile application. The developers are making J2ME mobile application development, BlackBerry application, Bluetooth applications, JSR 75, XMPP chat, etc. The J2ME mobile application is based on CLDC/MIDP. There are many firms which are given offshore development and outsourcing companies which are able to accomplish in achieving the mobile application development projects using J2ME.

The professionals of Java developers try to keep next to with the Java platform and development tools to assure that the software engineering applications, user experience design and examining compliance & assurance applications which have to provide the high-quality development. The Offshore Java Application Development companies consult with clients to give description their dynamism, design and develop the robust solutions for high-quality user experiences, and keep software investments all over their life event.